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Episode 70 – Deep Dive into Drought My Ag Life Daily News Report

For todays show, we’re focusing on drought. The state assembly committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife held a hearing this week on the drought. We hear from Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager at California Department of Water Resources; Erik Ekdahl, Deputy Director of the Division of Water Rights at the State Water Resources Control Board; Darrin Polhemus, Deputy Director, Division of Drinking Water, State Water Resources Control Board; and Rachel Ehlers, Principal Fiscal and Policy Analyst with the Legislative Analyst’s Office. Supporting the People who Support Agriculture Thank you to our sponsors who make it possible to get you your daily news. Please feel free to visit their websites.   Agromillora – https://www.agromillora.com/ California Citrus Mutual – https://www.cacitrusmutual.com/ The California Walnut Board – https://walnuts.org/ Soil and Crop – https://mysoilandcrop.com/ WRT – http://wrtag.com/promax/   For advertising inquiries, please contact us at 559-352-4456 or jay@jcsmarketinginc.com
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