Trump Speaks at AFBF, With Focus on Border Security, Immigration, More

The closing session of the American Farm Bureau Centennial Celebration and annual convention wrapped up Monday afternoon in New Orleans, LA, with U.S. President Donald Trump speaking to the approximately 6,000 farmers and Farm Bureau members in attendance.

Trump started his speech on the topic of trade.

“We’ve had so many good weeks and good days and it’s only going to get better because we’re doing trade deals that are going to get you so much business, you’re not even going to believe it,” he said. “Your problem will be, ‘what do we do, we need more acreage immediately, we gotta plant’. But, I will say we are doing some things with trade that are going to have a tremendous impact. You’re going to be doing business with Canada. You’re going to be doing business with places where it was very, very difficult to do business, it was very unfair. And a lot of great things are going to happen.”

He also gave a tribute to the nation’s farmers.

“On this special anniversary, we gather to celebrate America’s proud farming heritage. Through your sweat, through all of your work, the strength of your hands and the faith in your hearts, the American farmer feeds and fuels and sustains our nation,” Trump said.

Focus on Immigration and Border Security

After paying recognition to some of the elected officials in the audience, the President went into what would be a reoccurring theme in his speech – the wall.

“As you all know, there’s currently a tremendous humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. It’s tremendous,” he said. “It’s been there for years. It’s been there for decades.”

Trump said the “crisis of illegal immigration impacts all Americans, threatening public safety, overwhelming public resources, straining our local schools and hospitals, undermining U.S. workers, and claiming countless innocent lives. And I will tell you, I want people to come into our country, but they have to come in legally. They have to come in through a process.”

Other topics included in the hour-long speech included tax cuts, veterans programs, work visas for migrant workers, the Waters of the U.S. rule, E-15 and the government shutdown.


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